Steve’s an entrepreneur and software leader. He’s worked on consumer apps, online travel, food and grocery, games, relational databases, management consulting and telecom.

Politically, Steve is independent, and has never been affiliated with any political party. He believes in outcome-based, transparent governance. Steve believes that evidence of what works and what doesn’t, rather than ideology, should guide our implementation. Steve also believes that Seattle’s municipal government must work well for all 724,000+ Seattleites.

Steve’s founded multiple companies. Most recently, he created Seattlebrief, a free news aggregator for the Seattle-area.

During the COVID pandemic, he built (now offline), which was an easy way to make group celebration videos by participants from afar. In 2019 and again in 2021, he launched the voter-candidate matchmaker Alignvote. This helped Seattle voters find their best-match political candidates. Alignvote indexed candidates’ own on-the-record stances from debates/forums, letting voters compare their own answers to those exact same questions. Alignvote offered politicians the chance to elaborate on those views. Alignvote is on hiatus for now, but might return in a future election.

In the early 2000’s, Steve founded BigOven, the first recipe app for iPhone, with more than 15 million downloads, which was sold in 2018. Steve served as Chairman of Escapia Inc., the leading SaaS solution for the US vacation rental industry, sold to Homeaway, now part of Expedia, and is a director for Aisle Ahead Inc. of Knoxville TN.

In 1997, Steve was cofounder, President, CEO and Chairman of VacationSpot, a pioneer in the online reservation of vacation rentals, bought by Expedia in January 2000. At Expedia, Steve was Vice President of Vacation Packages, leading the vacation package and destination services teams, helping to create two patents on the first-ever dynamic vacation packaging system on the Internet, which now represents billions in annual transactions for Expedia.

He has keynoted on several occasions at the Vacation Rental Managers Association (VRMA), and taught a graduate level course on the strategic management of innovation at the University of Washington Foster School of Business in Seattle, Washington.

Steve worked for Microsoft from 1991 to 1997 in a variety of marketing and executive positions, and led the creation of the internet games group, helping develop several products and patents related to online multiplayer gaming. He helped launch Microsoft Access and was involved in the acquisition of Fox Software by Microsoft in 1993. He’s worked for IBM, Booz-Allen Hamilton and Bell Communications Research.

He holds an MS in Computer Science from Stanford University in Symbolic and Heuristic Computation (AI), an MBA from Harvard Business School, where he was named a George F. Baker Scholar (awarded to top 5% of graduating class), and a dual BS in Applied Mathematics / Computer Science and Industrial Management from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) with University Honors. Steve volunteers when time allows with Habitat for Humanity, University District Food Bank, YMCA Seattle, Technology Access Foundation (TAF) and other organizations in Seattle.