HipHip.app is off to a pretty good start, having just completed its 100th celebration video! So many fun graduation videos — it really is a pleasure, as a side-benefit of this project, to see so many terrific celebrations of people and important milestones.

I began this project in late April. So far, we’ve had surprise videos for graduations, US citizenship ceremonies, anniversaries, baby showers, kids and adult birthdays, employee appreciations and more. Over 1,000 people have signed HipHip cards.

The signature and video upload process has been greatly streamlined. I’ve added a quick “How it Works” page, complete with a sample celebration video, used with permission.

If you’re interested in giving it a whirl for your grad or June/July celebration, it’s still 100% free while in beta, and I imagine that beta will continue for another few weeks. I will likely be adding the pay-wall in a couple weeks, making it $19.95 to create a video/card. There are several more ideas on our public roadmap.

We’ve also launched a new blog, and in the future will be putting HipHip-related articles there. It’s available off the main menu of https://hiphip.app, or directly at:


Thanks friends for lots of great input and ideas!

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