As the beta of continues, I’m so happy to see that nearly one hundred people have now created HipHip cards to honor their 2020 graduate, birthday, or celebrate other big milestone event. People have turned to HipHip to celebrate graduations, citizenship ceremonies, wedding anniversaries, moves to new cities, baby showers and birthdays.

I’m very pleased to announce a few new major features that have been in the works now for several weeks:

  • Celebration Video
  • “Keep it a Surprise” Option
  • Customize your card
  • Google Contacts integration
  • Text the card to yourself

Let’s go through them one by one.

Celebration Video!

First and foremost, the big new feature is here!

HipHip will now automatically produce a Celebration Video from all the signatures submitted, and email you a link to it before your event.

Here’s how it works. Set a “Video Production Date”, and on that date, HipHip will create a custom video from your card and email you the link.


When you create a HipHip card, people can sign it with videos, photos, and notes. They can sign from their phones, tablets, or a desktop computer. They can record their own short “huzzah!” video from any webcam, or upload one they’ve already made. Or, they can add a photo or image that they think the honoree might appreciate. Or they can write a heartfelt note. HipHip supports lots of media input types, and it does all the collection for you.

When your video production date arrives, all these signatures will be compiled automatically into a celebration video, complete with soundtrack, title slides, animations and more. They are themed for the occasion.

You can download the video for your own use, and share it freely on social media, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, wherever you’d like.

Sample frame from a relative’s birthday celebration video

Looking for samples

Are you a beta tester? HipHip has produced and emailed links to the first several dozen of these. They look fantastic. We are looking for a few examples to share in our marketing materials; we won’t do so without your permission, and we’d be happy to blur out the names or personally identifiable information. Jot us a note if you’d be willing to share your video; we’ve got an offer to thank you in return.

Setting Your Deadlines

Card authors set the”Signatures Due By” and the “Video Production” dates when they create the card. These can be adjusted at any time.

Set the signature and video production dates

On the video production date, HipHip will create the video from the card signatures assembled, and email the card author a link to it.

Keep It A Surprise

Card creators can now choose to keep everyone’s signature hidden until the video production date. When people sign the card, they don’t see what others have written. Card creators still see what everyone’s contributed as they come in.

If you’ve already created a card, no problem! You can switch to the surprise option if you’d like. Simply visit your “My Cards” area and choose the “Edit Details and Dates” option.

Customize Your Card

You can now choose from over a dozen backgrounds for your card.

Choose the “Customize” option in the Card view.

Choose from Your Google Contacts!

If you use Gmail or Google Contacts, you’ll find a handy way to send your card out for signature. Rest assured that all HipHip does is use these contacts to present you an easy “pick-list.”

Where to Find It

You can find the link to email your invitation toward the bottom of the “Share Card” page. Click the big blue button to connect to Google, and then put a checkmark next to each contact you’d like to email.

Text the Link to your Phone

Some of the highest response-rates have come via text.

Be sure to text the link to your card to yourself. We’ve provided a handy way to do that on the “Share” page.

You can also click the “QR Code” button to scan a QR code from your phone to get the link.

More Ideas? Join the Conversation.

We have lots on the product roadmap.

I’d love to hear your ideas to make this an even easier way to create great celebration mementos. Please drop by the HipHip group on Facebook and share your thoughts.

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