I’m Winding Down HipHip.app

After much thought, I’ve decided to wind down the video celebration app I created, HipHip.app.

All servers will be going offline shortly.

Fun Project, Lots of Learning

While HipHip delivered hundreds of great videos for people in its roughly two years on the market, it struggled to be anything more than a hobby/lifestyle project. It began under the unique circumstances of lockdown, and a desire to use my tech skills to help people who couldn’t attend live events (e.g., graduations, wedding celebrations, birthdays) a way to share testimonials and best wishes. That purpose was well served!

Now that the lockdown/remote phase of COVID is over, the economics of the business showed that it’s unlikely to turn into a self-sustaining business any time soon.

I want to turn my energies to other projects, and free up time and budget for other things. The market for video celebration tools is pretty crowded (e.g., Vidday, Tribute and many more.) COVID lockdown is over, and a lot of people want a respite from recording and Zoom-like interactions.

It was a terrific, educational project, keeping me busy, learning, and productive. HipHip delivered hundreds of celebration videos for people around the world.

I’ve learned a ton about programmatic video creation, technology stacks like Next.js, Azure and React, and likely will apply these learnings to new projects, or perhaps share them with others via e-learning courses.

Among the videos people created were graduation videos, videos to celebrate new babies, engagement, birthdays, anniversaries and the attainment of US Citizenship.

In the end, the CPU processing and storage required for online video creation meant that it could not be done for free forever, and after testing a few price-points, there seems only so much willingness to pay in a crowded market.

Thanks everyone for your great feedback and ideas!

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