Author: Steve Murch


To the High School Class of 2021

March 2020: I’m reading lots of pieces (for instance here, here and here) about the COVID Class of 2020, detailing many real and heartbreaking stories of the traditions and moments that high school seniors are losing. And on social media, I’m reading wonderful and genuine expressions of sympathy, like this […]


A Turn Toward Optimism

I am noting for my future self that yesterday, Sunday March 22, 2020, was the day that my mood shifted fairly markedly from gloomy about the mid-term 3-9 month window to optimistic. SHORT TERM (0-2 months) things will get tougher, and media gloom will accelerate as the wave now hits […]


Mitt Romney: I Agree.

I’m with Mitt Romney: I’d vote YES on Article I and NO on Article II. The enormous powers of the Executive Branch should not be marshaled or weaponized to damage, investigate or monitor political opponents. That’s a terrible precedent. This goes for a president coaxing foreign allies either with favor […]