Alignvote: Now with Campaign Financial Data

Alignvote now displays the most recently available Campaign Financial Data for each campaign, as reported by the Seattle Election Commission. Campaign financial data is displayed for all campaigns, and includes Expenditures, Cash on Hand and Balance, as well as a summary of Contributions to Date. Alignvote checks for updates daily. A link is provided for … Continue reading “Alignvote: Now with Campaign Financial Data”
Jul 18, 2019

New: Candidate Videos!

Alignvote now displays Candidate Videos in your ranking results, as provided by The Seattle Channel. These short video statements help you get to know each candidate a bit better. Videos are only shown for Participating Candidates. “Participating Candidates” simply means that they took the time to answer the Alignvote Survey via their private dashboard. Alignvote … Continue reading “New: Candidate Videos!”
Jul 16, 2019

Now Shuffling Ties

As mentioned in the announcement post a few weeks ago, one work item we hadn’t implemented was shuffling candidate display order in the case of ties. The fact that the scores were tied has always been shown, but the sequence in which they were displayed was not shuffled. Alignvote is now shuffling candidate display order … Continue reading “Now Shuffling Ties”
Jul 15, 2019

KUOW 94.9FM Interview

I joined Ross Reynolds on Monday for a 15-minute interview on Alignvote. We discussed its origins, how it works, and what I’m trying to accomplish with the project. You can find it here on this page, about halfway down.
Jul 13, 2019

New: See Alignment Detail

When you’ve completed the interview on Alignvote, you’ll get a result list of candidates in the race, sorted by how much they agree with you. You can now click the “Show Detail” button, and it will show you, issue by issue, whether the candidate is in alignment with you (thumbs-up) or not aligned with you … Continue reading “New: See Alignment Detail”
Jul 13, 2019

Alignvote: New Features

Today I’m shipping several updates to Alignvote. These new features help voters share their rankings with others. This release also provides summarized Alignvote log data to participating candidates. Alignvote does not collect or store any personally identifiable information — this is just aggregated data on the user sessions as input by voters, including what issues … Continue reading “Alignvote: New Features”
Jul 11, 2019

Platform Freeze Until Early July

Just a note, as previously written on Twitter and this blog: the platform is frozen until early July, likely some time late in the first week of July. All candidates can still update their elaborations on issues during this code freeze via the private link sent to their official campaign email address. (Search for messages … Continue reading “Platform Freeze Until Early July”
Jun 15, 2019

A Candidate Opts Out

Today, I received an official request, via the confirmed Twitter candidate address, from D2 candidate Christopher Peguero to opt out of ALIGNVOTE. Within an hour, per his request, his listing was changed from stances-known — even though he had previously confirmed all of his stances to voters — to “cleared and unranked” and “opted out.” … Continue reading “A Candidate Opts Out”
Jun 15, 2019